Polyester Repair Tools

Highest Quality Tools to Simplify Polyester Repairs: Scrapers • Planers • Block • Accessories


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French Curve Scraper

French Curve Scraper

Preferred Tool for Damage Prep
Clean Out Rough Repair Areas
Multiple Radii Curves
Konig Metal Planer

Metal Planer

Precision Tool for Easy Levelling
Quick Removal of Touch-Up Fillers
& Polyester. Remove Imperfections
Konig Edge Planer

Edge Planer

Create Smooth Transitions
Can Make Additional Touch-Up on
Surfaces Minor or Unnecessary
Konig Special Scraper

Special Scraper

Innovative Tool for Levelling
Touch-Up Fillers and Polyester
Remove Finish Imperfections
Cork Sanding Block

Cork Sanding Block

Used with Wet or Dry Sandpaper
Maintains a Flat Surface
Small • w/Felt Pad • Large
Konig Plastic Film

Plastic Film 5-Pack

Transparent Solvent-resistant PVC
Mix Colors Over a Surface
Used in Rex-Lith Repair Process
Transfer Pipette

Transfer Pipette 5-Pack

Precise Extracting & Dosing
of Touch-Up Paints & Dyes
Refill Touch-Up Pens
Konig Felt Pad

Felt Pad

Evenly Remove Excess Filler
with Cloth & Liquid Sandpaper
Polyester Sanding & Compounding
Ultra-Soft Cloth

Special Cloth 10-Pack

Made for High-Gloss Finishes
Highly Absorbent • Lint Free
Scratch-Free • Tearproof Fabric
Konig Mixing Cup

Mixing Cup 10-Pack

Flexible Reusable Polypropylene
For Mixing Polyester Efficiently
1.4 oz • 1/4 oz Fill Line
Konig Mixing Spatula

Mixing Spatula 10-Pack

Wooden Stir Sticks
Mix Polyester, Hardener, & Colors
Transfer Mix to Repair Site
Allied Dam Sheets

Dam Sheets 5-Pack

Clear Dam Building Sheets
For Applying Polyester on
Edges & Vertical Surfaces