Satin Sheen Cleaner



Maintain Satin Finishes Easily

Use Satin Sheen Cleaner and Conditioner to remove fingerprints, smudges and grime. Works on satin poly as well as lacquer finishes. Use regularly to reduce static and protect against fingerprints and oils. For best results, spray on cloth then apply to finish, rubbing in direction of grain evenly.

Shake Well. Surface must be clean of previous oil and wax treatments as Satin Sheen is water based. Test on small inconspicuous area to assure finish compatibility. If deep cleaning of oil and wax is required on newer poly finishes, use Pre-Polish Finish Cleaner. For pre-cleaning lacquer finishes, use Coconut Wood Cleaner. Spray small amount of Satin Sheen onto a soft, clean cloth or directly onto piano surface. DO NOT spray on or near strings or tuning pins. Wipe in the direction of the grain. Buff to a brilliant sheen.

Satin Sheen Cleaner
Safety Data Sheet

4 oz Spray • 8 oz Spray • 32 oz Refill • Gallon Refill
Plastic Bottle
Hazy Clear
Conditioner for Satin Finish Surfaces
Clean and Protect Satin Finishes
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