Cory Care Products

Cory Care Products

High Performance Polish
Super High Gloss • Satin-Sheen • Revive Cream • Detailing Oil • All-Brite Conditioning.
Premium Maintenance
Key-Brite • Pre-Polish • Satin-Rub • Coconut Cleaner • Scratch-Brite • Adhesive-Remover • Buff-Brite.
Odor Control
Animal Urine Defeater • Mold & Mildew Odor Eliminator • Tobacco Odor Eliminator.
Accessories and Kits
Cleaning and Polishing Cloths • Mega-Duster • Dust-N-Buff Mitt • Pinblock-Brush • Cleaning Kits.
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Cory Super High-Gloss Piano Polish
Cory HG
In Stock

Super High-Gloss Polish

Clean and Protect Finishes
Eliminate Fingerprints, Dust & Static
4 oz • 8 oz • 32 oz • Gallon Bottle
Cory Satin Sheen
Cory SS
In Stock

Satin Sheen Cleaner

Maintain Satin Finishes Easily
Eliminate Fingerprints, Dust & Grime
4 oz • 8 oz • 32 oz • Gallon Bottle
Cory ReVive Conditioning Cream Polish
Cory RVP
In Stock

ReVive Conditioning Cream

Revive Dull and Faded Finishes
Conditions • Polishes • Protects
4 oz • 8 oz Bottle
Cory All Brite
Cory AB
In Stock

All Brite Conditioning Polish

Polish and Condition All Fine Wood
Prevent Drying and Cracking
4 oz • 8 oz • 32 oz • Gallon Bottle
Cory Harmony Detailing Oil
Cory HDO
In Stock

Harmony Detailing Oil

Safely Moisturize and Shine
All Wood Tone Surfaces
4 oz • 8 oz • 32 oz Bottle
Cory Key-Brite Key Cleaner
Cory KB
In Stock

Key-Brite Key Cleaner

Clean • Brighten • Preserve
All Plastic and Ivory Keys
4 oz • 8 oz • 32 oz • Gallon Bottle
Cory Pre-Polish Finish Cleaner
In Stock

Pre-Polish Finish Cleaner

Prepare Finish for Polishing
Remove Wax Build Up and Grime
4 oz • 8 oz • 32 oz Bottle
Cory Satin Rub
Cory SR
In Stock

Satin-Rub Lubricant

Hand Rub Satin Finishes
Remove Marks and Smudges
4 oz • 8 oz Bottle
Cory Coconut Wood Cleaner
Cory CCC
In Stock

Coconut Wood Cleaner

Deep Cleans Grime • Wax • Build-up
From Cleanable Wood Surfaces
4 oz • 8 oz • 32 oz • Gallon Bottle
Cory Scratch-Brite Restorer
Cory SB
In Stock

Scratch-Brite Restorer

Rejuvenate All Wood Surfaces
Color Blemishes • Return Luster
4 oz • 8 oz • 32 oz Bottle
Cory Adhesive X
Cory AD
In Stock

Adhesive X Remover

Easily Remove Adhesive Residue
From Stickers to Flooring Adhesive
4 oz • 8 oz Bottle
Cory Buff Brite
Cory BB
In Stock

Buff-Brite Compound

Clean, Buff and Remove Oxidation
Without Leaving a Greasy Film
4 oz • 32 oz • Gallon Bottle
Cory Cat and Mouse Urine Defeater
Cory C&M
In Stock

Cat & Mouse Urine Defeater

Eliminate Pet Urine
and Feces Odors
8 oz • 32 oz Bottle
Cory Mold and Mildew Odor Eliminator
In Stock

Mold-Mildew Odor Eliminator

Remove Musty Damp Smells
Penetrates Wood & Fabric Fibers
8 oz • 32 oz Bottle
Cory Tobacco Odor Eliminator
In Stock

Tobacco Odor Eliminator

Remove Stubborn Tobacco Odors
Counteractant and Encapsulant
8 oz • 32 oz Bottle
Cory Cleaner Cloth
Cory CC-1
In Stock

Power Buffer Cleaning Cloth

Soft, Thick Microfiber Cloth
Application of Cleaning Products
14" x 14"
Cory Polisher Cloth
Cory PC-1
In Stock

Power Buffer Polishing Cloth

Soft, Thick Microfiber Cloth
Final Shining with Polishes
14" x 14"
Cory Mega Duster
Cory MD-1
In Stock

Mega Duster

Special Double Weave Cloth
Dust Magnet without Scratching
18" x 14″
Cory Excalibur Polishing Cloth
Cory EPC-1
In Stock

Excalibur Polishing Cloth

Suede Microfiber Polishing Cloth
Completely Safe and Non-abrasive
16″ x 16″
Cory Dust N Buff Sheepskin Cleaning Mitt
Cory DB-1
In Stock

Dust ‘N Buff

A Super Duster and Polisher
Lambs Wool Face & Fleece Back
7" x 7"