Accessories and Kits

Accessories and Kits

Cleaning and Polishing Cloths • Mega-Duster • Dust-N-Buff Mitt • Pinblock-Brush • Cleaning Kits.


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Cory Cleaner Cloth

Power Buffer Cleaning Cloth

from $4.38
Soft, Thick Microfiber Cloth
Application of Cleaning Products
14" x 14"
Cory Polisher Cloth

Power Buffer Polishing Cloth

from $4.38
Soft, Thick Microfiber Cloth
Final Shining with Polishes
14" x 14"
Cory Mega Duster

Mega Duster

from $5.38
Special Double Weave Cloth
Dust Magnet without Scratching
18" x 14″
Cory Excalibur Polishing Cloth

Excalibur Polishing Cloth

from $9.23
Suede Microfiber Polishing Cloth
Completely Safe and Non-abrasive
16″ x 16″
Cory Dust N Buff Sheepskin Cleaning Mitt

Dust ‘N Buff

from $21.54
A Super Duster and Polisher
Lambs Wool Face & Fleece Back
7" x 7"
Cory Pinblock Cleaning Brush

Piano Pinblock Brush

Excellent for Loosening Dirt
Around Tuning Pins and Plate
10" Brush
Cory Grand Piano Detailing Kit

Grand Piano Detailing Kit

8 oz Chosen Polish • 4 oz Key-Brite
Pinblock Brush • Soundboard Steel
Mega Duster • Clean & Polish Cloth
Cory Ultimate Care Kits

Ultimate Care Kit

from $19.62
4 oz Chosen Polish • 4 oz Key-Brite Power Buffer Cleaner Cloth Power Buffer Polisher Cloth