Allied Piano and Finish

Allied Piano and Finish

Polyester Repair Manual
Comprehensive 52 Page Manual with Laminated Quick Repair Guide -or- FREE PDF Digital Download....
Training Seminars
Professional Service and Repair • Polyester and Furniture Finish • Piano and Player Systems....
Piano Pinblock Plugs
Repair Loose Tuning Pins. Northern Maple: 3/8" • 1/2". Delignit Beech: 3/8" • 1/2".
Finish Repair Abrasives
Professional Abrasives: Sandpaper and Pads • Steel Wool • Liquid Sandpaper • Sanding Lubricant
Polishing Buffing Pads
Polishers and Drills • Menzerna Foam Pads • Superbuff and Wool Pads • Accessories
Polisher Buffing Wheels
Buffing High-Gloss Polyester - Loose • Concentric • Spiral - With Menzerna Solid Bar.
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Konig Liquid Sandpaper
Konig 711
In Stock

Liquid Sandpaper

Clean Damaged Surfaces
Remove Excess Filler & Shine
5 oz/150 ml • 32 oz/1 L
Wet Dry Sandpaper 20 Pack
Allied SP Wet/Dry
In Stock

Wet/Dry Sandpaper

High Grade Waterproof Silicon Carbide Sheets 4-Pack • Assortment 20-Pack
Abralon Sanding Discs
Allied SP-Abralon
In Stock

Abralon Sanding Pads

Wet/Dry Hook and Loop
Large Surface Sanding
6" • 15 cm Disc
3M Finesse-It Sanding
Allied SP-Micron
In Stock

Finesse-It Sanding Discs

9-Micron (1500-grit) Discs
1 1/2" dia. • Adhesive Backed
100-Pack • Sanding Pad
Woodworkers Steel Wool Super Fine 00000
Allied SW
In Stock

Woodworkers Steel Wool

Furniture Professional Grade
Superior Quality & Ultra-Fine
5.0 lbs • 2.3 kg Roll
Konig Sanding Lubricant
Konig 655-500
In Stock

Sanding Lubricant

For Use with Wet Sanding
Ideal for Sanding Polyester
5 oz/150 ml • 16 oz/500 ml
Polyester Touch-Up Repair Manual Ninth Addition
Allied Polyester-Manual-Digital
In Stock

Polyester Manual Digital

Comprehensive 52-Page Manual
Free PDF Digital Download
Ninth Edition • March 2022
Polyester Touch-Up Repair Manual Ninth Addition
Allied Polyester-Manual-Hard-Copy
In Stock

Polyester Manual Hard Copy

Comprehensive 52-Page Manual
Laminated Quick Repair Guide
Ninth Edition • March 2022
Menzerna Soft Cut Pad Green
Menzerna Foam-Pad-Soft
In Stock

Soft Foam Buffing Pad

Menzerna Green with Safety Edge
For Final Finish/3000 Polish
Available in 3.5" and 7.0"
Menzerna Medium Cut Pad Yellow
Menzerna Foam-Pad-Medium
In Stock

Medium Foam Buffing Pad

Menzerna Yellow with Safety Edge
For AP2/PO91e & Finish/2500
Available in 3.5" and 7.0"
Menzerna Heavy Cut Pad Red
Menzerna Foam-Pad-Heavy
In Stock

Heavy Foam Buffing Pad

Menzerna Red with Safety Edge
For AP1/1000 Compound
Available in 3.5" and 7.0"
Menzerna Hand Polish Applicator 3"
Menzerna Hand-Applicator
In Stock

Foam Pad Hand Applicator

For Menzerna 3.5" Foam Pads
Comfortable and Easy Hand Fit
3.0" Applicator Backup
Menzerna Backing Plates
Menzerna Premium-Backing-Plate
In Stock

Foam Pad Backing Plate

For Menzerna 3.5" & 7" Foam Pads
3" for Drills • 6" for Polishers
3.0" and 6.0" with 5/8" Thread
Menzerna Backing Plate Drill Adapter
Menzerna Drill-Adapter
In Stock

Backing Plate Drill Adapter

Attach Menzerna Backing Plate
to Drill or Cordless Screwdriver
1/4" Shank x 5/8" Plate Thread
Buffing Pads - Bonnet Compound-Polishing Wool
Allied Polisher-Bonnet-Compound
In Stock

Wool Compound Pad

100% Wool Single Sided
For Compound and Polish
8" Hook-and-Loop Pad
Superbuff Polishing Pad
Allied Polisher-Superbuff
In Stock

Superbuff Polishing Pad

Soft Edge • Double Sided
Requires Polisher Adapter
9" Self-Supporting Pad
Buffing Pads - Superbuff Adapter
Allied Polisher-SB-Adapter
In Stock

Superbuff Pad Adapter

For Superbuff Polishing Pad
Standard Polisher Adapter
5/8-11 Internal Thread
Buffing Pads - Superbuff Backup Pad
Allied Polisher-SB-Backup
In Stock

Superbuff Backup Pad

Use with Hook-and-Loop Pads
Without Removing the Adapter
7" Backup Pad
Buffing Pads - Cleaning Brush
Allied Polisher-Brush
In Stock

Buffing Pad Cleaning Brush

Easy to Clean Compound Residue
Foam and Wool Buffing Pads
Restore Full Cutting Capability
Buffing Pads - Wool Cleaning Spur
Allied Polisher-Spur
In Stock

Wool Pad Cleaning Spur

Return the "Fluff" to Wool Pads
Brings Used Pads Back to Life
Restore Full Cutting Capability