Finest Polyester Repair Available!
Designed To Properly Repair These Beautiful Finishes

Polyester Service Kits

Kits To Fit All Your Needs: Basic Repair • Intermediate...

Polyester Finish Resin

High-Gloss Topcoat Finishing Resin — Fast and Slow Cure

Polyester Repair Colors

Intensive Dye • Color Touch-Up • Touch-Up Dye • Paint...

Polishing Compounds & Accessories

Finest Products for Polyester: Quickly Remove Imperfections & Restore the...

Finish Abrasives

Professional Abrasives: Sandpaper • Sanding Pads • Steel Wool •...

Polyester Tools & Accessories

Quality Tools to Simplify Repairs: Scrapers • Planers • Blocks...

Rex-Lith Gel Filler

For Veneer Damage — Recreating Corners and Edges: Ideal two-component...

Acrylic Enamel Topcoat

Acrylic Enamel to the Rescue! Emergency Thin Finish Repair •...

Polyester Repair Manual

Comprehensive 52-Page Manual:Hard Copy with Quick Repair Guide -or- FREE...


Select Individual Products for Full Description and Instructions • TDS • SDS • Discount Info, if applicable

Konig Polyester Service Kits - Basic Repair Kit
KO 641-020

Polyester Basic Kit

Repair damaged polyester surfaces — 4 oz Resin w/ Mixing Cups and Spatulas
Konig Polyester Service Kits - Intermediate Black Kit
KO 641-700

Polyester Intermediate Kit

Everything you need to make quality repairs to most black finishes
Konig Polyester Service Kits - Advanced Black Kit
KO 641-900

Polyester Advanced Kit

Everything you need to make quality repairs to most finishes
Konig Special Polyester Resin

Special Polyester Lacquer

Fast Cure for high-quality repairs — Hardener sold separately
Konig Cream Hardener 50 gr

Konig Hardener Paste

Hardener for Polyester & Rex-Lith — Hardener for Polyester sold separately
Allied Polyester Clear

Allied Polyester Kit

Slow Cure Clear and White Kit — 1 oz Resin w/ Hardener & Accessories
Konig Intensive Black Dye

Intensive Black Dye

Special Concentrated Dye used for all black repairs — 1 oz • 28 ml Bottle
Konig Polyester Black Touch-Up Pigment

Color Touch-Up – Black

Corrects the Color Shade & Depth — 1 oz • 28 ml Bottle
Konig Polyester Touch-Up Dye

Touch-Up Dye

Veneer Color Correction For Clear Coat Repairs — 1 oz • 28 ml Bottle
Konig Touch-Up Paint Box
KO 250000-130

Touch-Up Paint Box

12 Hardened Acrylic Lacquer Paints — For Coloring and Correction
Konig Cellulose Thinner

Cellulose Thinner

Thin Touch-Up Paint & Dye — Dissolve Paint Box Chips — 5 oz • 32 oz
Konig Liquid Sandpaper

Liquid Sandpaper

Clean Damaged Surfaces — Remove Excess Filler & Shine — 5 oz • 32 oz
Wet Dry Sandpaper 20 Pack

Wet/Dry Sandpaper

High Grade Waterproof Silicon Carbide — 5.5" x 9" Sheets
Abralon Sanding Discs

Abralon Sanding Pads

Wet/Dry Hook and Loop — Large Surface Sanding — 6" Disc
3M Finesse-It Sanding

Finesse-It Sanding Discs

1500-grit Discs — 1 1/2" dia. — Adhesive Backed — Sanding Pad
Woodworkers Steel Wool Super Fine 00000

Woodworkers Steel Wool

Furniture Professional Grade — Superior Quality & Ultra-Fine — 5.0 lb Roll
Konig Sanding Lubricant

Sanding Lubricant

For Use with Wet Sanding — Ideal for Polyester — 5 oz • 12 oz
Menzerna AP1 Heavy Compound 1000

AP1 Heavy Compound 1000

Fast Cutting of 1200 Grit Marks — 6 oz • 12 oz Bottle
Menzerna AP2 Medium Compound 2000

AP2 Medium Compound 2000

Fast Cutting of 2000 Grit Marks — 6 oz • 12 oz Bottle
Menzerna AP3 Finish Polish 2500

AP3 Finish Polish 2500

Remove Streaks • Scuffs • Hazing to High-Gloss — 6 oz • 12 oz Bottle

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