Intensive Black Dye



This is a special concentrated dye designed to blend with Konig Special Polyester Lacquer (resin) and Rex-Lith Gel Filler. It is the foundation color for all black (ebony) repairs. Includes Transfer Pipette – Long Stem.

Choose Standard for most repairs and Steinway for New York Steinways.

Color Touch-Up – Black is most often needed to correct the shade and/or depth of color. Note: Intensive Black Dye can be used alone but, although concentrated, still has transparent qualities which can ‘show’ in a finish repair (especially thin finish areas), the Color Touch-Up corrects it.

Intensive Black Dye
Product Insert Sheet
Intensive Black Dye
Safety Data Sheet


Regulated as Hazardous Material: Must ship UPS Ground to the contiguous U.S. and Canada. UPS Air required for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other Outlying Areas, Contact Us for shipping information.

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