Traditional & Innovative Touch-Up Repair:
Superior Products for Surface Repair

Wood Repair Filler

Rex-Lith Gel Filler • QuikWood Epoxy Putty: Permanent Repairs for...

Touch-Up Fillers

Durable and Long-Lasting Fillers: For various types of damage to...

Touch-Up Colors

Paint — Dye — Concentrate: Available in Bottles and Pens

Touch-Up Tools & Accessories

High Quality Professional Tools: Simplify Repair Applications


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Konig Touch-Up Paint Box
KO 250 Paint Box
In Stock

Touch-Up Paint Box

12 Hardened Acrylic Lacquer Paints — For Coloring and Correction
Konig Rex-Lith Gel Filler
KO 151 Transparent Kit
In Stock

Rex-Lith Transparent Kit

Repair Corners & Gouges — Shade: Slight Amber — 3.4 oz • 100 ml Filler
Konig Rex-Lith Gel Filler
KO 152 Wood Kit
In Stock

Rex-Lith Wood Kit

Repair Corners & Gouges — Shade: Generic Brown — 3.4 oz • 100 ml Filler
Konig Rex-Lith Gel Filler
KO 153 White Kit
In Stock

Rex-Lith White Kit

Repair Corners & Gouges — Shade: Off-White — 3.4 oz • 100 ml Filler
Konig Rex-Lith Gel Filler
KO 155 Black Kit
In Stock

Rex-Lith Black Kit

Repair Corners & Gouges — Shade: Grey Black — 3.4 oz • 100 ml Filler
French Curve Scraper
AP French Curve Scraper
In Stock

French Curve Scraper

Preferred Tool for Damage Prep — Multiple Radii Curves
Konig Special Filler Applicator
KO 161 Special Filler Applicato
In Stock

Special Filler Applicator

Apply Quick & Soft Wax — Level Hard, Ceramic, & Effect Waxes
Konig Blending Spatula
KO 162 Blending Spatula
In Stock

Blending Spatula

Mix Rex-Lith Filler, Colors, and Hardener — Apply QuikWood Epoxy Putty
Konig Metal Planer
KO 163 Metal Planer
In Stock

Metal Planer

Precision Tool for Easy Levelling — Remove Imperfections
Konig Edge Planer
KO 165 Edge Planer
In Stock

Edge Planer

Create Smooth Transitions — Level damaged edges
Konig Special Scraper
KO 406 Special Scraper
In Stock

Special Scraper

Levelling Touch-Up Fillers and Polyester — Remove Finish Imperfections
Konig Brass Brush
KO 407 Brass Brush
In Stock

Brass Brush

Restore Grain Texture on Filler Repairs — Clean Metal Planer Blade
Cork Sanding Block
In Stock

Cork Sanding Block

Used with Wet or Dry Sandpaper — Maintains a Flat Surface
Konig Squirrel Hair Brush Set
KO 429 Squirrel Hair Brush Set
In Stock

Squirrel Hair Brush Set

Fine Artist Brushes — For Touch-Up Colors — Replace Grain Lines
Konig Plastic Film
AP 162 Plastic Film 5-Pack
In Stock

Plastic Film 5-Pack

Transparent PVC — Mix/Match Colors — Rex-Lith Repair Process
Transfer Pipette
In Stock

Transfer Pipette 5-Pack

Precise Extracting & Dosing of Touch-Up Paints & Dyes
Konig Sanding and Polishing Pad
KO 411 Sanding & Polishing Pad
In Stock

Sanding & Polishing Pad

Clean Lacquered Wood & Plastic — Remove Spray Mist • Adjust Gloss
Konig Felt Pad
KO 419 Felt Pad
In Stock

Felt Pad

Evenly Remove Excess Filler — Polyester Sanding & Compounding
Konig Felt Pad with Abrasive
KO 420 Felt Pad w/ Abrasive
In Stock

Felt Pad with Abrasive

Evenly Remove Excess Filler — Dull Shiny Finish Spots
Konig Cotton Polishing Cloth
KO 422 Cotton Cloth 10-Pack
In Stock

Cotton Cloth 10-Pack

Cotton Texture & Lint Free — For Cleaning & Maintenance

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