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Konig Touch-Up Starter Repair Kit
Konig 603
In Stock

Touch-Up Starter Kit

A basic kit designed to achieve
excellent results: Small Scratches
Nail Holes • Minor Damage
Konig Touch-Up Basic Repair Kit
Konig 662
In Stock

Touch-Up Basic Kit

Designed for the occasional user
Professional delivery drivers,
installers, and technicians.
Konig Touch-Up Intermediate Repair Kit
Konig 661
In Stock

Touch-Up Intermediate Kit

Allows for a more complete repair
This kit will enable a repair
person to repair almost any damage
Konig Touch-Up Advanced Repair Kit
Konig 660
In Stock

Touch-Up Advanced Kit

The best portable solution for the
professional repair technician
Repair virtually any damage
Konig Touch-Up Professional Flooring Repair Kit
Konig 7030
In Stock

Flooring Professional Kit

Designed to repair wood, laminate,
ceramic, and vinyl flooring
Repair most flooring damage
Konig Touch-Up Basic Ceramic Tile Repair Kit
Konig 608
In Stock

Ceramic Basic Kit

Designed to repair scratches and
chips on ceramic tiles in the
bathroom, kitchen, or on the floor
Konig Touch-Up Advanced Ceramic Tile Repair Kit
Konig 608-149
In Stock

Ceramic Advanced Kit

Designed to repair and touch-up
scratches & chips on ceramic tiles
Durable repairs in little time!