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Best Repair Results — No Halo — Soft Fine Spray — Short Drying Time:
Clear Topcoat • Colors and Dyes • Moisture & Bloom Remover • Universal Basecoat


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Konig Special Repair Lacquer
In Stock

Special Repair Lacquer Plus

König’s Signature Product — Clear Nitrocellulose Topcoat
Konig Furniture Lacquer
In Stock

Furniture Lacquer Plus

Clear Acrylic Lacquer — Indoor and Outdoor Use
Konig Acrylic Lacquer Clearance
In Stock

Acrylic Repair Lacquer

Original price was: $14.25.Current price is: $10.50.
Clear Acrylic Topcoat — Indoor and Outdoor Use — Discontinued
Konig Super High Gloss Repair Lacquer
KO 353 Super High Gloss
In Stock

Super High Gloss Lacquer

Clear Acrylic Topcoat — Very High-Gloss Finish
Konig 319 Moisture and Bloom Remover
In Stock

Moisture & Bloom Remover Plus

Eliminate Water & Alcohol Damage — Removes Cloudy Finish
Konig Shade Equalizer
In Stock

LP Shade Equalizer

Shading Finished Wood — Low Build and Transparent
Konig Semi Covering Lacquer Clearance
In Stock

Semi Covering Lacquer

Original price was: $16.41.Current price is: $9.95.
Semi-Transparent Acrylic — Tint & Correct Color Shade — Discontinued
Konig Covering Lacquer
In Stock

PF Covering Lacquer

Highly Pigmented Acrylic — Fast Dry • High Opacity
Konig 312 Universal Basecoat
In Stock

Primer Sealers

Universal • High Build Sealers
Konig Aerosol Can Recharger - Dimethyl Ether
KO 999 Dimethylether Recharger
In Stock

Aerosol Can Recharger

Dimethyl Ether — When Product Remains w/ Lost Pressure

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