LP Shade Equalizer



For an intensive coloring/re-coloring of small parts of wood and décor surfaces in interior areas. To level off minor lacquer damage and to adjust slight color deviations.

Prior to use, shake can well and spray briefly to clear the valve. When banging of the mixing balls is audible – shake at least for another 30 seconds.
Use at room temperature – do not spray on cold/hot surfaces. Do not use in the gasket area of windows and doors. Lightly sand area to be treated with 240/280 grit Dry Sandpaper to level off scratches and abrasions.
Finally, sand with Wire Wool 000 or with the 1500 grit Sanding Pad. Spray from a distance of 16″-20″. Different color shades can be put on top of each other.

Shade Equalizer Dye
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Shade Equalizer Dye
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

13.5 oz • 400 ml
Colored, highly translucent nitrocellulose lacquer.
Choose Color Option. Sheen level: Silk Matt.
For a glazing, transparent re-dyeing from light to dark. Recommended for indoor use.
To equalize minor lacquer damage. To adjust slight color deviations.
Dust-dry: After 5-10 minutes – Touch-proof: After 10-15 minutes
Weight1.05 lbs
Dimensions3.0 × 3.0 × 9.0 in

Regulated as Hazardous Material: Must ship UPS Ground to the contiguous U.S. and Canada. UPS Air required for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other Outlying Areas, Contact Us for shipping information.

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