Effect Wax – Complete Set 770 – 20 x 4 cm



For Multi Patterned Grain Surface. Used when appearance varies due to light reflection. Add transparency to your repair, by mixing with other fillers to add a reflective look to the final repair. To be used on wooden surfaces where the color appearance varies due to changing light reflections.

Our innovative process allows you to mix the wax colors together while melting the Effect Wax along with Hard Wax, if needed, into the damage using the Hot Knife. Initial levelling can be done with the Special Scraper or Metal Planer. Final leveling is simplified by using the Special Filler Applicator. Don’t worry about affecting the finished surface when melting the Hard Wax, the Hot Knife never makes contact with the finish. After the repair is completed, seal with Premium Aerosols Clear Topcoat Lacquer. For indoor use only.

Effect Wax Filler
Technical Data Sheet

20 – 1.5″ • 4 cm Sticks
Mineral waxes colored with earth and oxide dyes
1 Transparent Gold
2 Light Maple
3 Birch
4 Bamboo
5 Light Oak
6 Natural Oak
7 Light Beech
8 Light Cherrywood
9 Medium Birch
10 Medium Pearwood
11 Pine
12 Dark Cherrywood
13 Red Mahogany
14 Brown
15 Light Walnut
16 Auburn
17 Brown Walnut
18 Dark Brown
19 Mahogany
20 Brownish Black
Recommended for indoor use
For the repair of scratches and damage on multi patterned grain surface with varied light reflection. Used with Hard Wax and Hard Wax Plus
Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions1.0 × 7.5 × 8.0 in

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