Touch-Up Tools

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French Curve Scraper
Allied FC-Scraper
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French Curve Scraper

Preferred Tool for Damage Prep
Clean Out Rough Repair Areas
Multiple Radii Curves
Konig Special Filler Applicator
Konig 161-149
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Special Filler Applicator

Easily Apply Quick & Soft Wax
Remove Excess Wax Filler. Level
Hard, Plus, Ceramic, & Effect Wax
Konig Blending Spatula
Konig 162-001
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Blending Spatula

Mix Rex-Lith Filler
Colors, and Hardener
Apply QuikWood Epoxy Putty
Konig Metal Planer
Konig 163
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Metal Planer

Precision Tool for Easy Levelling
Quick Removal of Touch-Up Fillers
& Polyester. Remove Imperfections
Konig Edge Planer
Konig 165
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Edge Planer

Create Smooth Transitions
Can Make Additional Touch-Up on
Surfaces Minor or Unnecessary
Konig Special Scraper
Konig 406
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Special Scraper

Innovative Tool for Levelling
Touch-Up Fillers and Polyester
Remove Finish Imperfections
Konig Brass Brush
Konig 407
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Brass Brush

Restore Grain Texture on
Soft and Hard Wax Repairs
Clean Metal Planer Blade
Cork Sanding Block
Konig 416 - 418
In Stock

Cork Sanding Block

Used with Wet or Dry Sandpaper
Maintains a Flat Surface
Small • w/Felt Pad • Large
Konig Squirrel Hair Brush Set
Konig 429-123
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Squirrel Hair Brush Set

Fine Artist Brushes - 3 Sizes
Used with Touch-Up Colors
Replace Coloring and Grain Lines