Touch-Up Accessories

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Konig Plastic Film
Konig 162-005
In Stock

Plastic Film 5-Pack

Transparent Solvent-resistant PVC
Mix Colors Over a Surface
Used in Rex-Lith Repair Process
Transfer Pipette
In Stock

Transfer Pipette 5-Pack

Precise Extracting & Dosing
of Touch-Up Paints & Dyes
Refill Touch-Up Pens
Konig Sanding and Polishing Pad
Konig 411
In Stock

Sanding & Polishing Pad

Clean Lacquered Wood & Plastic
Remove Spray Mist • Adjust Gloss
Replace Special Filler Applicator Pad
Konig Felt Pad
Konig 419
In Stock

Felt Pad

Evenly Remove Excess Filler
with Cloth & Liquid Sandpaper
Polyester Sanding & Compounding
Konig Felt Pad with Abrasive
Konig 420
In Stock

Felt Pad with Abrasive

Evenly Remove Excess Filler
Abrasive for Light Sanding Effect
To Dull Shiny Finish Spots
Konig Cotton Polishing Cloth
Konig 422
In Stock

Cotton Cloth 10-Pack

Cotton Texture & Lint Free
For Cleaning & Maintenance
Remove Excess Wax with Felt Pad
Konig Premium Wire Wool
Konig 609
In Stock

Premium Wire Wool

High-quality Steel Wool
Lightly Buff, Polish, or Scuff
Easy Cleaning of Hot Knife Tips