Soft Wax – Wood Set 730 – 40 x 4 cm



Easy and Quick Repairs. A pliable blend developed to repair small scratches, cracks, holes, and pressure marks on light-duty surfaces.

Remove any loose or splintered parts and indent damaged edges. Cut damaged edges that are lighter than the base color vertically downwards or precolor with König Touch-Up products. With solid wood and veneer, press damaged edges inwards round.
Take off only small amounts of wax from the wax stick using the tip of the Special Filler Applicator and fill the wax into the damaged area.
Strip off excess wax with the Special Filler Applicator (use serrated teeth on the flat surface and rounded teeth on edges).
Intermediate sealing with Special Repair Lacquer Plus. Pores can be restored by slightly scratching (e.g. with a needle). Replicate the grain pattern with König Touch-Up materials, if necessary.
Use Special Repair Lacquer Plus or Furniture Lacquer PLUS or for small repairs use the Brush Pen Clear Lacquer to seal and to protect the repaired area from dust and dirt and to adjust the sheen level, if necessary. For aerosols, instead of applying a heavy coat, apply 2-3 thin misty coats from a distance of 12″-16″.
For indoor use only.

Soft Wax Filler
Product Insert Sheet
Soft Wax Filler
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Soft Wax Filler
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

40 – 1.5″ • 4 cm Sticks
Mineral wax with earth and oxide dyes
103 Cherrywood
104 Red Cherrywood
105 Light Elm
109 Light Walnut
110 Medium Walnut
111 Dark Walnut
113 Light Mahogany
114 Dark Mahogany
118 Light Pearwood
119 Medium Pearwood
120 Dark Pearwood
121 Light Macore
126 Limba
138 Teak
140 Natural Oak
141 Light Oak
143 Dark Oak
144 Brown
154 Medium Beech
157 Mud Oak
158 Light Beech
159 Beech
160 Medium Alder
161 Medium Alder Decor
162 Dark Alder Honey
164 Antique Walnut
165 Light Rosewood
170 Light Maple
178 Natural Maple
179 Medium Maple Red
201 Birch
203 Pine
206 Medium Pine
208 Natural Pine-Heart
211 Sen Ash
302 Rustic Oak 2
303 Rustic Oak 3
900 Transparent Light
RAL 9005 Jet Black
RAL 9010 Pure White
Recommended for indoor only
For the repair of scratches, cracks, holes and dents on flat surfaces
Weight0.9 lbs
Dimensions8.0 × 8.0 × 1.0 in

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