Quick Filler – 8 cm



Easy-To-Use for Very Minor Damage. Repair small nail holes and fine line scratches. It is the softest filler available and will fill the finest scratches with good color transfer.

Rub in Quick Filler crosswise to the scratch using light pressure.
Use the beveled edge of the Special Filler Applicator to spread the applied wax with circular motions using light pressure.
Stretch a fine cloth over the Felt Pad and remove excess filler crosswise to the scratch.
Protect the repaired area from dust and dirt by applying thin layers of Special Repair Lacquer Plus (2x spraying or rather “misting”) or with Brush Pen Clear Lacquer while adjusting the sheen level, if necessary. Do not varnish too ‘wet’. For aerosols, instead of applying a heavy coat, apply 2-3 thin misty coats from a distance of 12″-16″.
For indoor use only.

Quick Filler
Product Insert Sheet
Quick Filler
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Quick Filler
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

3″ • 8 cm Stick
Mineral wax with earth and oxide dyes
Choose color options, can be intermixed
Recommended for indoor only
For filling of small scratches, hair cracks, open joints and nail holes
Weight0.05 lbs
Dimensions4.0 × 1.0 × 1.0 in
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