Heavy-Duty Deep Cleaner



A unique product that will clean and remove accumulations of old wax polish, grime, varnish, lacquer and French Polish, without destroying the patina of antique finishes. It will also eliminate finish defects and is helpful in the removal of alcohol and water marks, particularly on antique furniture.

Recommended for use on antique furniture where it is important not to remove the natural patina by chemical stripping. When dry (5 minutes) can be overcoated with Rapid French Polish or waxed with Buffing Wax. Apply with fine (0000) or super fine (00000) steel wool.

Shake well before using. Soak a piece of fine (0000) or super fine (00000) steel wool with the Cleaner. Scrub the surface, following the natural wood grain until all dirt, stains and impurities have been removed. Wipe the entire surface with Woodworker’s Polishing Cotton or soft cloth before the cleaner has dried. Leave to dry for 30 min.

Heavy-Duty Deep Cleaner
Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

15 oz • 450 ml
Metal Can
Liquid Deep Cleaner
Water, Mono propylene glycol methyl ether, Methyl Ether Ketone, Acetone, Colorants, Anionic surfactant
Preserves and gives furniture an antique patina
Removes dirt, condensation marks and grease stains. Cleans and removes encrusted dirt and grease from a waxed wood finish before rewaxing
Dries in 30 minutes at room temperature
Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions3.5 × 3.5 × 4.5 in

Regulated as Hazardous Material: Must ship UPS Ground to the contiguous U.S. and Canada. UPS Air required for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other Outlying Areas, Contact Us for shipping information.

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