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Dampp-Chaser Pad Treatment 8 oz Bottle
Dampp-Chaser PT 8 oz
In Stock

Pad Treatment 8 oz

Humidifier Water Treatment
6 - 12 months of use
2+ | 12+ Discount
Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Pad Treatment 16 oz
Dampp-Chaser PT 16 oz
In Stock

Pad Treatment 16 oz

Humidifier Water Treatment
12 - 18 months of use
2+ | 12+ Discount
Dampp-Chaser Humidifier Pad 4-Pack
Dampp-Chaser UHP-4
In Stock

Humidifier Pads 4-Pack

4 Pads • 2 Clean Sleeves
Tank Liner • Instructions
2+ | 12+ Discount
Dampp-Chaser Watering Can
Dampp-Chaser UT Watering
In Stock

Universal Watering Can

Systems made from 2004
Tube: 3/8" ID - 1/2" OD
2+ | 12+ Discount
Dampp-Chaser Watering Can with Reducer
Dampp-Chaser Water Can w/Reducer
In Stock

Watering Can with Reducer

Systems made before 2004
Tube: 5/16" ID - 7/16" OD
2 or more Discount
Konig Polyester Service Kits - Basic Repair Kit
Konig 641-020
In Stock

Polyester Basic Kit

Repair damaged polyester surfaces. Does not include colors, tools, compounds, or abrasive supplies.
Konig Polyester Service Kits - Intermediate Black Kit
Konig 641-700
In Stock

Polyester Intermediate Kit

Everything you need to make perfect repairs to most black polyester finishes.
Konig Polyester Service Kits - Advanced Black Kit
Konig 641-900
In Stock

Polyester Advanced Kit

Everything you need to make perfect repairs to most black, white, and clear coat polyester finishes.
Konig Special Polyester Resin
Konig 641
In Stock

Special Polyester Lacquer

Fast Cure set up in an hour for permanent and high-quality filling Hardener sold separately
Konig Cream Hardener 50 gr
Konig 170
In Stock

Konig Hardener Paste

Hardener for Special Polyester
Lacquer and Rex Lith Gel Filler
Hardener sold separately
Allied Polyester Clear
Allied 641
In Stock

Allied Polyester Resin Kit

Slow Cure Clear and White Kit
Includes 1 oz • 30 ml Resin
Hardener • Cup • Spatula • Pipette
Konig Intensive Black Dye
Konig 641-Color
In Stock

Intensive Black Dye

Special Concentrated Dye
Used for all black repairs
1 oz • 30 ml Bottle
Konig Color Concentrate
Konig 215-IND-P
In Stock

Color Concentrate

Special Intensive Dye
For all other color repairs
1 oz • 30 ml Bottle
Konig Polyester Black Touch-Up Pigment
Konig 240-IND P
In Stock

Color Touch-Up – Black

Correct the Shade & Depth
of Intensive Black Dye
1 oz • 30 ml Bottle
Konig Polyester Touch-Up Dye
Konig 220-IND-P
In Stock

Touch-Up Dye

Veneer Color Correction
For Clear Coat Repairs
1 oz • 30 ml Bottle
Konig Touch-Up Paint Box
Konig 250-BOX
In Stock

Touch-Up Paint Box

12 Acrylic Lacquer Paint Colors
Convenient Compact Assortment
Color Correction and Coloring
Konig Cellulose Thinner
Konig 710
In Stock

Cellulose Thinner

Thin Touch-Up Paint & Dye
Dissolve Paint Box Chips
5 oz/150 ml • 32 oz/1 L
Konig Liquid Sandpaper
Konig 711
In Stock

Liquid Sandpaper

Clean Damaged Surfaces
Remove Excess Filler & Shine
5 oz/150 ml • 32 oz/1 L
Wet Dry Sandpaper 20 Pack
Allied SP Wet/Dry
In Stock

Wet/Dry Sandpaper

High Grade Waterproof Silicon Carbide Sheets 4-Pack • Assortment 20-Pack
Abralon Sanding Discs
Allied SP-Abralon
In Stock

Abralon Sanding Pads

Wet/Dry Hook and Loop
Large Surface Sanding
6" • 15 cm Disc